Adrenochrome Gnome

by Durians

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Durians' EP, "Adrenochrome Gnome," was released on 10/16/2010


released October 16, 2010

Songs written, recorded and produced by Durians, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Moessle at Secret Sounds, Jersey City, NJ
Album art by Jade Harmon


all rights reserved



Durians Brooklyn, New York

"...booming synths, heavy drums and instrumentals reminiscent of alien screeches -- so bombastic that the floorboards shake."

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Track Name: Nubb
"Guys, you know what?"
"We've got music in our computer! Computers have music!"
"Do you need one? Do you need music in computer?"
"We don't need one, but yeah, we got one"
"We got two"
"You got a computer that can do music?"
"Oh... what kind of band are you?"
"We're a weird band"
"Yeah... a weird band"
"Oh... ...woah!"
"Guys... you need a real band"
Track Name: Killing Live Music
"I feel so inundated by hearing drums and bass in the air constantly... even in coffee shops and... wherever I go. In elevators, I... I hear so many drums all the time. You know I try not to let it get to me. I think it's making everybody craaaaazy."


"After a while it sounds like it comes out a computer."
"Well some of it does, you know they've got that down now and they can make computers compose tunes... oh I better not get into this... but... hearing music in elevators and in the grocery store and when you're buying clothes, I can't stand to go and buy a dress and have to listen to rock music while I'm buying it...
"Or any music. Now they can't differentiate between live music and tape music and that is killing live music."
"But... I'm just joking... you know that."
"But... you're joking but I'm serious!"
"But... but..."
"I don't wanna listen to music I don't wanna listen to music I don't wanna listen to music I don't wanna listen music..."

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